DJ Gongol & Associates, Inc.

We operate in two major areas:

Manufacturers' representatives

DJ Gongol and Associates As representatives for about two dozen manufacturers of engineered equipment for the water, wastewater, and stormwater sectors, we concentrate on the states of Iowa and Nebraska, offering local representation and expertise to consulting engineers and end-users. In this role, we provide service in every stage of a project from concept through after-market service and the sale of parts. We devote a large part of our effort to education and outreach, since we generally find that well-informed clients generally prefer the high-quality prodcuts we sell. We have served the Midwest in this capacity since our founding in 1978, and we are best known for our self-priming pumps and lift stations, stainless-steel water-control gates, high-efficiency pumps for drinking water, and process equipment for small municipal wastewater plants.

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Online retailers

PumpStoreUSA Serving primarily domestic customers across all 50 of the United States (as well as the US military and territories like Guam and Puerto Rico), we offer hundreds of products from a long list of manufacturers who supply equipment and parts shipped rapidly to the people who need them. Our online store offers friendly Midwestern service without the hassle of a big, bureaucratic sales organization. If we can't answer your question immediately, we'll find the answers for you and get you in touch with the right person to help. Our store sells everything from trash pumps to non-slip flooring to emergency power generators. Our customers have included local municipalities, major multinational corporations, trailer parks, households, and the Federal government.

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Additionally, we operate as a news aggregator for water news of interest to the Midwest, adding analysis and context from our position of expertise to the stories that make their way into the mainstream. We are always easy to contact with your questions, comments, and inquiries.